Theatrical Costume and Equipment Hire

Highly competitive rates on the hire of professional lighting, costumes, theatrical equipment and props.

Lighting Hire

Professional. well designed lighting can make a good show, great

The use of intelligent lighting has many advantages, especially in theatre. Not only does it add vibrant, modern colours and effects to any show or performance, but, thanks to it’s versatility, they give you an instant contingency for when things don’t go quite right and it means you can create entire lighting plots using just a few lamps. The time saved by not having to fix and focus 40 or so standard lamps, means that the lighting can practically pay for itself.

We currently offer a set of 4 Martin moving head units available for hire, which consist of 2 Mac500 profile lamps and 2 Mac300 wash lamps. With unit hire rates from just £50 per week, you really can afford to add that professional touch to your next performance.

Costume Hire

Quality costumes for every production

With over 60 years experience in producing shows, we know a thing or two about costumes. More importantly, you can take advantage of our extensive wardrobe which is bursting at the seams with hundreds of quality costumes. Not only do we have generic costumes for many different eras, but we also have collections of costumes for many of the most popular shows, letting you, literally, dress your show ‘off of the rail’.

Doing 42nd Street? we’ve got it covered. Jesus Christ Superstar? That too! Annie? Oliver? Anything Goes? Wizard of Oz? Sweeney Todd? No problem...

With rates from just £8 per costume and discounts for sets of costumes there’s no need to worry about making or buying your costumes. Just come to us!

Equipment & Props Hire

Music Stands

Add professional quality and convenience to your band or orchestra.

Our professional, powered music stands are robust, sturdy and have built in lighting on each stand, making them perfect for pit orchestras or for giving your orchestra that professional, uniform look. Our rates start from just £8 per stand, so they really are a must!

Props, glorious props

As with our costumes, having produced over 130 productions, we’ve amassed a huge array of props, including scenery, all of which is available for hire. There are far too many props to list, but with rifles to bicycles, swords to birdcages and musical instruments to suitcases, all, as always, at great rates, it’s always worth giving us a try.

Contact Doreen Goodfellow for more information:   01702 349277